Transcription Assignment

Transcription Assignment

We will be working directly with the Travel Journal of  Jasper Payne and Christian Froehlich, 10/28/1747- 11/1747.  These documents are in manuscript form, which means that in order to rely on them for assignments in distant reading, close reading, and visualization we will need to transcribe them into electronic text files. This transcription work will be accomplished as follows:

  • Each student will be assigned three pages from the journal.
    In class on Monday 1/26 and on Wednesday 1/28 you will work in small groups as you each begin the puzzle of transcription.
    Outside of class you will prepare your transcribed page and the attendant components (see “Assignment Instructions”, below).

Assignment Objectives: 
Develop an understanding of how the transcription of a material document (in digitized form) affects the researcher’s connection with that document, and how the precision of that transcription provides the foundation for all future engagement with that transcribed work.
Establish a collaborative work environment in which researchers rely upon and enhance their own accurate work process through sharing of and assisting one another with complex transcription challenges.

We will be working in the brand new program Juxta editions.  You can find the workspace for the online edition here

Each completed transcription assignment must include the following elements:

    • Transcription of three pages from the Travel journal (maintaining original spelling and punctuation)

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