Visualization 3/23/15 — 4/10/15

Visualizing Time, Space, and Place

Week 9:

Monday,  March 23

  • Network Visualization (best practices analyzed)

Wednesday, March 25

  • Download Gephi

Friday, March 27

  • Network visualization exercise (People and Places in the Payne/Froehlich Travel Journal)
  • Gephi instructions here


Week 10

Monday March 30

Finish up Gephi visualization

Read Johanna Drucker, “Interpreting Visualization, Visualizing Interpretation” in Grapheisis: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production (Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2014), pp. 64-137.

Wednesday, April 1

  • Historical geospatial visualization best practices analyzed
  • Geospatial assignment introduced (Mapping the River)

2. Sign in to ArcGIS Online  – Step 1. Click on the button for signing in ‘Using your Bucknell University Account.’

to Bucknell’s ArcGIS Online home page

1. Open ArcGIS Online. Open a web browser and go to Bucknell’s ArcGIS Online home page. Click the ‘sign in’ link in the upper right hand corner of the window.



3. Sign in to ArcGIS Online – Step 2. If the web browser you are using is already logged in to Bmail or myBucknell, clicking on the ‘Using Your Bucknell University Account’ button should automatically log you in to ArcGIS Online. If not, you’ll be routed to a Bucknell sign in page.**Sign in using your Bucknell username and password – i.e. the same username and password you use for Bmail

Friday, April 3

  • Spatialization techniques–Arc Map online


Week 11:

Monday, April 6

  • Janine Glathar–ArcMap online

Wednesday, April 8

  • Geospatial visualizations Arc Online–
  • Questions to think about:
  • What does mapping the travel route reveal about the journey?
  • Why do Payne and Froehlich take the route that they do?  What is it near?  What areas does it go through?
  • How far do they travel on average a day?  What seems to affect the rate at which they travel?
  • What does mapping their route tell us about their journey that we coudn’t tell from the written record?
  • What are the story points we want to create for the travel journal?

Friday, April 10

Arc Map online


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