Final Project 4/13/15 — 4/27/15

Digging the Digital

Week 12

Monday, April 13

  • Geospatial Visualization Assignment and Blog Post #5 due Tuesday, April 14, 11pm.
  • Objective:  To create a multilayered story map of an aspect of the Payne/Froehlich Travel Journal
    Blog prompt: Blog #5
    A 400-450 word blog post response to this prompt:
    What does mapping the travel route reveal about Payne and Froehlich’s journey?
    Why do the itinerant preachers take the route that they do?
    How far do they travel on average a day?  What seems to affect the rate at which they travel?
    What does mapping their route tell us about their journey that we coudn’t tell from the written record?
    What are the story points you have created for your travel journal?
    How we can use maps and spatial thinking to help us understand the complexities and nuances of history?
    Include three direct references to the Bodenhammer article; embed the story map into your post.Comment on one of your classmates’ posts.

Wednesday, April 15

  • Introducing the final project
  • Your final project for this course will consist of:a) a significant and original contribution to the research questions we have posed this semester
    b) demonstrated competence in at least two of the digital methodologies or a more expansive approach to one methodology

    You must meet with your instructor to discuss your ideas before you can proceed with the project
    Use Spiderscribe ( to conceptualize your project

    You will present your proposed research project to the group in a snap talk on Monday, April 27th

  • Introducing as a brainstorming tool

Friday, April 17

  • Final project workshop


Week 13:

Monday, April 20

  • workshop and feedback

Wednesday, April 22

Friday, April  24

  •  final project workshop


Week 14

Monday, April 27

  • Snaptalks
  • Final Project due: (during scheduled final exam period)

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