Final Project

Your final project for this course will consist of:

  • Collaborative design and implementation of final digital artifact
    • choice and design of WordPress site (with appropriate plugins)
    • Elements of site
    • Juxta Edition edition
    • Omeka exhibit–original images of ms
    • TEI edition (for comparison with Juxta edition)
    • Gephi
    • Timemapper/Timeglider of journal (to compare with Story Map)
    • Arc Map–Class map on steroids
    • Story map
  • Profile page for each member of editorial team
  • Reflection essay (1000 words)
    • What was your role in the design and execution of the project?
    • What are your thoughts on the project
  • Peer review of each other’s work in terms of role played in project

Use Spiderscribe ( to conceptualize your project

Short in-class presentation of final project on April 27 (8 minutes long) that is an articulation of your role in the class final digital artifact production. Discuss your design question, reason why this design was chosen, whether or not it achieved the sought after answer to your design question,

Final project submission is on Final exam date HUMN 100-01, May 6, 10.30pm.

You will be graded according to the following guidelines:

Rhetorical Awareness: Argument considers audience, message, and medium (artifact and essay): i.e. Storytelling and accessibility for a public audience on campus and in the region ….25%

Stance and Support: Central claim is duly supported by evidence drawn from the core text, from readings, and from sample projects (essay); i.e.  Evidence of original research 20%

Organization: Clear structure demonstrates presentation of research question, critical analysis through method, and moves logically from introduction to conclusion (artifact and essay).  Clarity of final presentation to the class 15%

Conventions: Competent adherence to usage standards; skillful integration of core text and secondary sources – including citation (artifact and essay) 20%

Design for Medium: Well-chosen design features enhance audience motivation and participation (artifact) 20%


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