Assignments and Grading


Blog Posts

  • Overview & Objectives
  • In each module you will write a blog post that reflects on the process you have gone through to learn the tool, learn what it can and cannot do, what worked and what did not
  • You will use the digital platform of WordPress to submit your blog posts. You will be given a category to assign to your post for each instance and it will be posted to the appropriate menu (WP/Collaborative Writing Environment description)

Transcription/Distant Reading

  • You will be given a digital image of a manuscript page which you will then transcribe using the Bucknell guidelines on transcription. From the created text we will then collate everyone’s text and use the digital platform of the suite of Voyant tools to read distantly.
  • Digital Platform (Voyant Tools)

Contextual Research Project

  • Overview & Objectives–You will develop a contextual database of information that will help to place your particular material artifact in the larger historical and geographical context
  • You will learn to use appropriate digital platforms (e.g. Timemapper, Timeglider etc.)

Digital Edition

  • Overview & Objectives–you will learn how to encode a text using XML based TEI that can then be used in a web platform
  • Digital Tools & Platform (TEI, Browser-output)


  • Overview, Objectives [and Definition!] You will learn how to develop a database of significant information about your texts, describing people, places and dates
  • Platform (Google Spreadsheet)


  • Overview, Objectives You will learn a variety of visualization programs that will help you to visualize networks, relationships, and geographical place
  • Platforms (ArcGIS, Gephi, Palladio)


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