Blog Post # 1

Blog #1: “On Material and Digital Archives”

Prompt: This week you have visited several websites that are based on archival materials.  Go to the DH project Sample book  and look at the projects that are categorized under Archive.  What are some of the advantages to creating a digital artifact from archival documents?  What are some of the disadvantages? What challenges did  you have as you built your Omeka Exhibit this week?  Include the URL of your exhibit in your blog post.

Reminder: give your post the category “Blog #1″; add two images to the post, and include five tags that you think reflect the work that you submit. Please review the Blog Assignment description and rubric and email me with any questions you may have.

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Katie Faull

Dr. Katherine Faull is Presidential Professor of German and Humanities at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA and co-chair of the Department of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. Trained at King's College, London and Princeton University, and a Life Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, she has published extensively on questions of gender, race, and autobiography in the Moravian Church in North America in the colonial period. Her current international collaborative DH project focuses on the digital exploration of Moravian memoirs ( and brings together top scholars in the field and undergraduate students in the exploration of 18th century life writing. Katie has published scholarly articles on digital pedagogy at a liberal arts institution, DH and religious history, and digital visualization in the humanities. She is coordinator (and founder) of the Digital Humanities minor at Bucknell University. For more, go to

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